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Carrying goods from USA by myself (i.e PARS)

Canadian Regulations state: arrangements for customs clearance MUST be made a minimum of two (2) hours before arriving at the border or entry into Canada will be denied.

The Governing Council – University of Toronto is recognized by the Canadian Border Services Agency as a Non-Bonded Carrier and has been issued a carrier code: 7GZ8. The code forms part of the coded cargo control number to identify each shipment.

Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS)

PARS will allow the University of Toronto to submit release information to CBSA for review and processing before the goods arrive in Canada. This enhances your ability for a quick customs release and possibly avoids the referral of an examination process.

The following will outline the step-by-step procedure to follow when returning to Canada with commercial goods.

Please send the completed Canada Customs Invoice (CCI) and the PARS Notification sheet to: KN Customs, Windsor.

CBSA requires that any PARS be arranged and accepted at least two hours before arriving at the border.

Even if you are crossing at another port of entry other than Windsor, please contact KN Customs Windsor.

When you arrive at the Canadian border please present the original Canada Customs Invoice to CBSA. Customs release or referral to secondary for examination is only decided by CBSA at the time or your arrival at the border.


If you experience any difficulty KN Customs Windsor is available to assist you.

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